You have been redirected to this page for one of the following reasons:

a) you have incorrectly entered your login too many times
This is the most common reason for being blocked from the member’s area.  If you incorrectly entered your login too many times and are now being blocked, please verify that you entered the correct username and password, wait 10 minutes and try again.  Make sure that you enter both your username and password correctly each time you’re prompted.  If you lost or forgot your login, you can retrieve it by going to the CCBill Support Page.  It’s also helpful to clear your browser cache.  Here are some instructions on how to clear your cache:

Internet Explorer Browser

Go to Tools, then Internet Options.  On the Internet Options window select General.  In the Browsing History section, select the Delete button.

Fire Fox Browser

Go to Tools, then Options.  On the Options window select Advanced and then the Network tab.  In the Offline Storage section, select the Clear Now button.

If you still can’t login, please send me an Email or message using the Support Page.  I check my messages throughout the day and I will correct the problem as soon as possible.

b) you shared your login with your friends or on a network
Sharing your login increases bandwidth and costs money.  A large percentage of your membership fee is used to pay for bandwidth and server maintenance, therefore I have a zero tolerance policy for sharing login information.  If you shared your login, you will be blocked, your membership will be cancelled and the credit card processor will be notified.  This action can prevent you from being able to join the many other sites that use CCBill as a credit card processors.

c) your login was hacked and has been shared with a network
In rare cases, hackers can use programs to “crack” your login.  Hackers cannot access your personal or credit card information, they basically run a program that tries to match usernames to passwords.  Many members often select easily cracked logins such as (Username: Batman – Password: Robin, etc…), so please avoid using easily matched username/password combinations.  If your login gets cracked, I will issue you a new one.

NOTE:  I don’t mind members using “download accelerators or managers” as long as they aren’t used excessively to “rip” all the content from the member’s area in a short time frame.  This loads our server and slows things down for other members.

Contact Support
If you tried the steps above and are still blocked from the Member’s Area then please the form below to contact me.

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