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Pussy Massage

September 1st, 2010 8 comments

i love getting my back and neck massaged but nothing beats a good pussy massage!  i massaged my pussy for an hour one time without touching my clit and it was an amazing experience!  my entire pussy was so swollen and wet with anticipation that it only took a few seconds to cum when i finally touched my clit.  this toy is the strongest vibrator i have and it gives me very intense orgasms as you will soon see!  we all know what this “massager” was really made for.  click HERE to see my happy ending 😀

[Video: 16min]




October 30th, 2009 Comments off


ok, don’t get upset with me for wearing a DCC outfit because i know people either love the cowboys or they hate them. i’ve been watching the cheerleader training show and really like their uniform. i’m arizona born and raised so i support the cards 😉

ok, now that we have that out of the way, i can show you some of my cheer moves and how i get fucked “froggy-style”. this angle puts dave’s thick cock head right on my g-spot and it drives me crazy! he pumped a nice big load in me and most of it went really deep so it took a few hours to completely drip out but he got a great shot of the first drip oozing out of my swollen pussy.

[Video:  11min | Photos:  51]

The cock goes deep in "Froggy-Style"!

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DP for Anya

July 13th, 2009 Comments off

everyone needs a little DP once in awhile and Anya gets it good in this one! Jim fucked her nice and hard while she had a butt-plug snug up her tight latina ass. he really unloaded all over her smooth swollen pussy and made a wonderful mess! clean-up on aisle 3!


Risky Business

May 28th, 2009 Comments off

just a warning, this video is a big one! the run time is a little over 25 minutes so i would recommend watching the “low” version to see if you like it enough to download the “HD” version. i couldn’t help myself and had to cum three times in a row but i’m sure you guys can appreciate that feeling! i wore one of dave’s white dress shirts with my panties and it reminded of the movie “Risky Business”.

my pussy was swollen for hours after this show! hopefully after watching it you will be too…

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Ship Shape

December 26th, 2008 Comments off

we had so much sex on our caribbean cruise that i had to give my pussy a vacation…lol

there’s something about tropical weather that puts my libido into overdrive and i can’t seem to satisfy my urges…but i always give it a good try!

we were on the upper deck getting some sun and having a few drinks when i looked over and noticed that dave had a boner! it was really obvious so i took him back to our cabin to take special care of it for him. he mounted me from behind while i was kneeling on a chair and the angle got right on my g-spot with his swollen cock head.

after i came, he wanted me to drain his balls all over my tanned tits…which i gladly did!

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Double Drip

December 19th, 2008 Comments off

during my live camshows, i always get asked what my favorite position is. i love sex and i enjoy pretty much every position you can think of but my absolute favorite is me on top riding cowgirl style. grinding is how i first discovered masturbation so that might be part of the reason. i like to start out by massaging or sucking on a cock to get it nice and hard for my pussy wet. i like to sit on the cock while it’s pressed between my pussy lips and the guys belly and then slowly rock back and forth. i have to go slow here because i’ve made guys cum doing this and we wouldn’t want that would we? then i move forward just enough to let the tip of the cock enter my now wet and swollen pussy. my pussy is tight so it takes a little while to work it all the way in. my heart starts to race when the cock is all the way inside me and the head is pressing up against my g-spot, not to mention how good it feels to grind my clit into his pelvic. wait until you see how wet i get in this video before i get filled with a huge load of cum!



Pussy Cream

August 1st, 2008 Comments off

i got my pussy creamed twice in the update. the first time was self-induced using my new jelly vibrator and the second time was from a nice big cock full of hot cum!

the first time was just a good warm-up for better things to cum! after pulling his drained cock out, dave held the camera on my pussy for a nice long time so you can watch all that cum slowly drip out of my swollen pussy.


Double Penetration

October 19th, 2007 Comments off

you would think that the name of this shoot says it all but it left out the best part. the part where i drain dave’s balls with a nice oily handjob. i love feeling his cock grow in my hands and then get rock hard as i keep him on the edge of cumming. only when i’m ready do i let him release. that’s the part i enjoy the most. by this time, my pussy is swollen and i need some release myself. this cum was really good for me because i got double penetrated with my new toy!