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Ball Drain

November 27th, 2005 Comments off

after using my favorite g-spot toy a got dave to lie across two chairs so i could compltetely drain his balls! he shot every drop into my waiting mouth and i swallowed it like it was my last meal.


Naughty Librarian

November 24th, 2005 Comments off

i got all dressed up in my naughty librarian outfit to do some extracurricular cock sucking. i gave him an “A” for giving me such a yummy load!

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Hump Story

November 19th, 2005 Comments off

i was a little embarrassed when dave asked me to tell the story about when i first started humping objects. i guess it’s because i was soooo young and it seems kind of perverted in a way. i know the story turns dave on everytime i tell it. i think he gets off thinking about what an innocent and horny little girl i was. no wonder i’m the way i am today!

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Bound to Please

November 5th, 2005 Comments off

i’ve always been a fan of light bondage. even though i enjoy being in control and controlling a man’s orgasm, i love feeling out of control sometimes. we don’t film alot of bondage because it’s not for everyone but we play like this alot off camera. i love being teased and not knowing when and how i’m going to cum or if i’m going to get a cock in my pussy or not. who knows, he might take advantage of the situation and shove something in my ass!

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November 2nd, 2005 Comments off

as a young girl, i use to take long hot baths after playing sports. that’s when i first learned how to use the pressure of the water to splash on my virgin pussy to make myself cum. this was a very exciting experience for my and i still enjoy it today.

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Glass Table

November 1st, 2005 Comments off

the glass table was perfect for sticky my suction cup dildo to and riding it until i creamed all over the large rubber balls! this also provided dave with an interesting camera angle for your viewing pleasure…hehe

for being such a good girl, dave rewarded me by shooting some delicious cum into my eager mouth. i was a very happy girl

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