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Pussy Denial

January 28th, 2011 17 comments

i love using my pussy to tease dave and get him so excited that he’ll do anything to get inside me.  this type of foreplay gets me super horny and it makes him produce a bigger cumshot for me.  as much as he wants to put his cock in me, i know he loves being teased while watching me use my g-spot vibrator.  i know just how to satisfy my man and hand milking a big load of cum out of his huge cock keeps him very happy.  click HERE to see two intense orgasms.

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2011 01 28 Pussy Denial

2011 01 28a Pussy Denial 2011 01 28b Pussy Denial 2011 01 28c Pussy Denial

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Horny Guest

January 7th, 2011 20 comments

if you invite me over to your place, this is pretty much what you can expect to see.  would i be a bad guest if i masturbated on your couch?  i don’t think that’s rude but i could be wrong on this one…lol

this vibrator reminds me of a really big thumb that fills my pussy up and gets right on my g-spot.  i love the sound it makes when it’s squishing in and out of my wet pussy icon smile Horny Guest  click HERE to watch the entire video!

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2011 01 07 Horny Guest

2011 01 07a Horny Guest 2011 01 07b Horny Guest 2011 01 07c Horny Guest

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Purple Passion

December 8th, 2010 2 comments

this toy is design to attack the g-spot and it was designed well!!!  it feels amazing to bury this vibrating dildo deep into my pussy.   just look how wet my pussy gets…OMG!  will cum with me?  i wish i could watch you stroking it at the same time…that would be such a turn-on!  click HERE to uload your cum with me.

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2010 12 08 Purple Passion

2010 12 08a Purple Passion 2010 12 08b Purple Passion 2010 12 08c Purple Passion

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Native Tongue

December 3rd, 2010 20 comments

make sure you don’t have your computer volume turned up too loud while watching this one!  my g-spot vibrator has a strong motor and is pretty during the close-up shots.  when i have this toy in my pussy and right on my g-spot a train could go by me and i wouldn’t know…lol  i think it’s time to get a new one from santa.

the entire time i was masturbating i couldn’t stop thinking about how much i wanted to suck dave’s cock and swallow every drop of his cum and that’s exactly what i did!  click HERE to watch his load go down my throat.

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2010 12 03 Native Tongue

2010 12 03a Native Tongue 2010 12 03b Native Tongue 2010 12 03c Native Tongue

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Bendy Vibe

November 3rd, 2010 4 comments

this bendy vibrator is like having a big finger in my pussy rubbing right on my favorite spot…my g-spot!  that fat smooth tip felt amazing inside me and had me wiggling all over my bed until i came all over it.  the only thing missing is a second one for my ass.  click HERE to see my bendy vibe in action!

[Video: 14min]
2010 11 03 Bendy Vibe

2010 11 03a Bendy Vibe 2010 11 03b Bendy Vibe 2010 11 03c Bendy Vibe

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Double Feature

October 6th, 2010 No comments

i came twice during this show so i hope you guys can keep up!  i can’t last very long at all when i play with my massager, especially when i hump it so the first one doesn’t really count.  i consider that like foreplay…lol

i like having a clit orgasm for the first one, then i put my “gonzo” head attachment on for a g-spot/clit orgasm for the second one.  now i’m ready to ride a cock!  click HERE to watch the full video.

[Video: 10min]
2010 10 06 Double Feature

2010 10 06a Double Feature 2010 10 06b Double Feature 2010 10 06c Double Feature

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Couch Rodeo

August 6th, 2010 2 comments

you guys wanted more creampies so here you go!  i get on dave’s fat cock every chance i get so i’m glad you love the same thing.  when i’m riding him on the couch like this, i can grind my clit on his pelvic while the tip of his cock rubs right on my g-spot and this drives me crazy!!!  just as he’s about to fill my pussy with a hot load of cum, i can feel the head of his cock swell and that makes me cum at the same time.  next time i ride him like this i’m going to put a butt-plug in my tight ass!  click HERE to watch this crystal clear HD creampie!

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2010 08 06 Couch Rodeo

2010 08 06a Couch Rodeo 2010 08 06b Couch Rodeo 2010 08 06c Couch Rodeo

click HERE to buy this video.

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July 21st, 2010 1 comment

i got out one of my favorite new toys for last night’s live show called the “Chubby-G” and i have to say “the force is strong in this one”!  it’s nice and thick to fill my pussy and it’s just long enough to hit my g-spot.  i highly recommend this one ladies icon biggrin G Force  click here to see the “Chubby-G” make me cum.

[Video: 19min]
2010 07 21 G Force

2010 07 21a G Force 2010 07 21b G Force 2010 07 21c G Force

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