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Fishnet Bodystocking

March 31st, 2011 7 comments

i have a huge collection of toys to play with and i have a great relationship with each one of them but ever once in awhile i go back to the basics…fingers!  i’m a humper and this is the first time i’m ever humped my fingers to orgasm.  i’m always discovering new ways to pleasure myself.  click HERE the pleasure yourself!

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Nightie Camshow

March 2nd, 2011 No comments

thanks for joining me during my live show!  did you like my nightie?  did you shoot a big load for me?  did you cum twice like i did?  sometimes once isn’t enough for me and i need that second one and tonight was one of those times.  my vibrating dildo makes me cum fast but humping makes me cum even faster!  just look at how puffy those two orgasms made my pussy!  click HERE to cum with me!

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Full Facial

February 26th, 2011 18 comments

i was talking to a member the otherday about using a chastity device on dave’s cock to keep him from cumming for a week and then finally removing it to allow him to release in my mouth.  this got me curious about how much cum he could build up in that time so i asked him to go three days without shooting his load.   after he fucked me doggy-style to orgasm, i jerked him off all over my face and this is what i got!  i can’t wait to see how much cum i can get out of his balls after a week!  click HERE to see his full balls unload on my face!

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Slippery Titjob

February 12th, 2011 9 comments

this is the video i was planning on doing last week but i got so horny that i just had to have dave’s cock in me.  i used more self control for this one by fingering myself to orgasm first.  do you like how i tease you with my tits while i oil them up to get them ready for a slippery titjob?  click HERE to watch his cock unload all over my slippery tits.

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Pink Panty Show

February 2nd, 2011 9 comments

i get alot of feedback everytime i wear pink so i wanted to give you guys a live pink panty camshow in my new ruffle panties.  thanks for joining me for the show everyone…i hope your orgasm was as good as mine 🙂  click HERE to watch my panty show.

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Stocking Pleasure

January 21st, 2011 18 comments

this one is for all my stocking guys!  i love this fetish as much as you guys do 🙂  click HERE to get the full scene and cum with me.

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December 10th, 2010 16 comments

i got yet another big creampie in my freshly shaven pussy but not before i got my pussy licked to orgasm!  dave’s cock is really thick so i need some lubing up and nothing does that better than my pussy juice!  i love being fucked hard and deep!  click HERE to see how messy my pussy got from this creampie!

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Bedroom Babydoll

November 26th, 2010 19 comments

i just got out of a hot bubble bath, i’m smooth eveywhere and it’s time to slip into my babydolls and have some “me” time.  you’re invited to watch and hopefully you’ll join me and we can have some “us” time together.  i want you to try something with me.  get your cock nice and hard and stroke it but don’t cum just yet, wait for me.  see if you can time your orgasm with mine.  even if you have to watch me a few times, do your best to cum at the exact same time…i would love that!  click HERE so we can cum together!

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