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Schoolgirl Swallow

March 26th, 2011 8 comments

what do you do with a naughty schoolgirl who’s misbehaving?  well, you can start by making her masturbate with i vibrating pussy plug while you unload your cum in her naughty little mouth!  if that doesn’t work then maybe she needs a good spanking with a butt-plug up her tight virgin ass.  click HERE to fill my naughty mouth.

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Cum Pill Experiment

March 19th, 2011 21 comments

a few weeks ago i was contacted by a sales rep who found my site and knew how much i liked big cumshots.  he asked me if i’d be interested in offering “cum volume increasing pills” in my member’s area.  i told him i would test them out on dave and if they worked i would let my members know.

so each day for a week i slipped the pills into dave’s vitamin mix and eagerly waited for him to build a nice big load for me and that’s exactly what i got today!  it’s only been a week so i can’t wait until he’s been on them for a month!  click HERE to find out what i gave him 🙂

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Bootyshorts Creampie

March 4th, 2011 13 comments

for some reason it’s hard to find good booty shorts lately but i found these ones at VS and i think you guys are going to like them.  i know you guys like checking out my ass so after i stroked dave’s thick cock i took it for a ride cowgirl style and got filled with a hot load of cum!  this is my favorite position and i love to hump my pussy until she cums all over his throbbing cock!  click HERE to watch me work my booty!

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Nightie Camshow

March 2nd, 2011 No comments

thanks for joining me during my live show!  did you like my nightie?  did you shoot a big load for me?  did you cum twice like i did?  sometimes once isn’t enough for me and i need that second one and tonight was one of those times.  my vibrating dildo makes me cum fast but humping makes me cum even faster!  just look at how puffy those two orgasms made my pussy!  click HERE to cum with me!

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Full Facial

February 26th, 2011 18 comments

i was talking to a member the otherday about using a chastity device on dave’s cock to keep him from cumming for a week and then finally removing it to allow him to release in my mouth.  this got me curious about how much cum he could build up in that time so i asked him to go three days without shooting his load.   after he fucked me doggy-style to orgasm, i jerked him off all over my face and this is what i got!  i can’t wait to see how much cum i can get out of his balls after a week!  click HERE to see his full balls unload on my face!

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Just Fucked Pussy

February 5th, 2011 13 comments

i was planning on doing a titjob video this week but i got so horny thinking about it that i wanted to get laid.  i know you creampie lovers won’t mind.  we didn’t get too crazy with the camera angles on this one but you get a great view of me getting my tight pussy fucked and filled with a big load of hot cum.  a creampie fan told me one time that he loved seeing a “just fucked pussy” and i thought that was a great description!

we bought a new mic for the camera so let me know what you think of the audio.  i’ll oil up my boobs and make a hot titjob video for you guys next week…you’ll love it!  click HERE to see my just fucked pussy!

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Pussy Denial

January 28th, 2011 17 comments

i love using my pussy to tease dave and get him so excited that he’ll do anything to get inside me.  this type of foreplay gets me super horny and it makes him produce a bigger cumshot for me.  as much as he wants to put his cock in me, i know he loves being teased while watching me use my g-spot vibrator.  i know just how to satisfy my man and hand milking a big load of cum out of his huge cock keeps him very happy.  click HERE to see two intense orgasms.

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Stocking Pleasure

January 21st, 2011 18 comments

this one is for all my stocking guys!  i love this fetish as much as you guys do 🙂  click HERE to get the full scene and cum with me.

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