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Native Tongue

December 3rd, 2010 20 comments

make sure you don’t have your computer volume turned up too loud while watching this one!  my g-spot vibrator has a strong motor and is pretty during the close-up shots.  when i have this toy in my pussy and right on my g-spot a train could go by me and i wouldn’t know…lol  i think it’s time to get a new one from santa.

the entire time i was masturbating i couldn’t stop thinking about how much i wanted to suck dave’s cock and swallow every drop of his cum and that’s exactly what i did!  click HERE to watch his load go down my throat.

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Finger Licking Good

October 13th, 2010 No comments

i have quite a few friends that like to go down on other girls and i get it because i love the taste of my own pussy!  if i could lick my own pussy i wouldn’t get anything done all day.  i love fingering myself to get nice and juicy, then lick and suck my sticky fingers clean…yum!  i normally finger myself with several fingers before sex to warm my pussy up for dave’s thick dick.  nothing works better than natures lube 🙂  click HERE to watch the entire show!

[Video: 12min]



Cock & Rock

August 20th, 2010 No comments

i started my day off by dry humping dave’s cock through my panties right after we woke up.  dave wanted to cum so bad but i wanted him to save it for this video.  i know how much you guys like seeing me eat a big load!  riding my monkey rocker is great but sucking on a big cock at the same time is amazing!!!  i rode it again a few hours later but it was in private, hope you don’t mind.  click HERE to watch me get it from both ends!

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Sun Swallow

June 11th, 2010 4 comments

i’ve been asked before why the girls in arizona are so horny and i think i have it figured out…it’s the sun!  all this sunshine gives us plenty of vitamin D which naturally increases libido.  to prove my theory, i did a little experiment and spent a few hours in the pool yesterday and sure enough i got very horny!  to make sure the experiment was accurate i started sucking dave’s cock and he got horny too, so it must be true!  i needed some protein to go with my vitamins so a nice load of cum did the trick!  click HERE to watch me swallow every drop 😀

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Blowjob Poll

May 28th, 2010 11 comments

i was curious about what type of porn scene guys prefer so i put up a poll on the tour and in the member’s area to choose from blowjobs, handjobs, creampies and masturbation.  i figured those were the most common scenes and a good place to start.  as of today, visitors voted 41% for blowjobs, 31% for creampies, 18% for masturbation and 10% for handjobs.  members voted 56% for blowjobs, 37% for creampies, 4% for masturbation and 4% for handjobs.

wow, you guys love your blowjobs don’t you!  well, the people have spoken and i am more than happy to suck cock and swallow big loads of cum for your viewing pleasure.  click HERE to watch me drain this thick cock!

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Coral Oral

May 7th, 2010 3 comments

i wish i was sucking cock near a coral reef in the florida keys but until that happens i’m happy with sucking while wearing my coral dress 😀

we just bought a new HD camera and i think the quality is amazing!  let me know what you think.  click HERE to watch the full-length video.

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Facial Finish

April 9th, 2010 Comments off

i was so horny today after i got all cleaned up and slipped into my new black nightie.  dave was chasing me around the house with his boner so i knew i was going to get it!  i know he wanted to just stick it in me but i had to have his cock in my mouth for a little while.  sucking cock is what really gets me going…

i like to be dominated so i love it when he gets on top of me first but then i get so horny i just want to ride his cock and cum all over it!  his cock was still wet with my juices when i blew him and let him shoot a nice thick load on my face!  ahhhh, life is good 😀   click HERE to watch this video.

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Blew Streak

February 19th, 2010 Comments off

i was craving dave’s cock today and shortly after i tweeted that i was going to see if he wanted a BJ i was milking his cock with my mouth.  i love sucking his cock in our backyard because i get the feeling that some of our horny neighbours are watching me do my thing.  his balls were loaded today and the first squirt was a big one!

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