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Native Tongue

December 3rd, 2010 20 comments

make sure you don’t have your computer volume turned up too loud while watching this one!  my g-spot vibrator has a strong motor and is pretty during the close-up shots.  when i have this toy in my pussy and right on my g-spot a train could go by me and i wouldn’t know…lol  i think it’s time to get a new one from santa.

the entire time i was masturbating i couldn’t stop thinking about how much i wanted to suck dave’s cock and swallow every drop of his cum and that’s exactly what i did!  click HERE to watch his load go down my throat.

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Finger Licking Good

October 13th, 2010 No comments

i have quite a few friends that like to go down on other girls and i get it because i love the taste of my own pussy!  if i could lick my own pussy i wouldn’t get anything done all day.  i love fingering myself to get nice and juicy, then lick and suck my sticky fingers clean…yum!  i normally finger myself with several fingers before sex to warm my pussy up for dave’s thick dick.  nothing works better than natures lube 🙂  click HERE to watch the entire show!

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Cock & Rock

August 20th, 2010 No comments

i started my day off by dry humping dave’s cock through my panties right after we woke up.  dave wanted to cum so bad but i wanted him to save it for this video.  i know how much you guys like seeing me eat a big load!  riding my monkey rocker is great but sucking on a big cock at the same time is amazing!!!  i rode it again a few hours later but it was in private, hope you don’t mind.  click HERE to watch me get it from both ends!

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August 10th, 2010 Comments off

Here’s what the top review sites had to say about Chica’s Place!

“There are a lot of naughty wives on the internet, but only a few of them have the “It Factor”.  Chica has that something special.  She makes you want to get to know her, see her naked, watch her fuck, and keep coming back for more.  Her site is very well-done and has features that rival some of the biggest corporate porn sites in the business.  At Chica`s Place, this real wife and her husband bring you as close to real sex on the internet as you can get.”  Montey ~ Porn Inspector


“I want to point out that the bonus area for ChicasPlace is a little different than most independent model sites. Instead of third-party feeds, Chica offers movies of her experimenting with toys she’s been given as gifts, foot-fetish videos, friends’ movies and galleries, member profiles, special pussy photos, her scrapbook (which is very intimate) and real-life stories about her sexual life. This spicy tamale has the best personal features I’ve ever seen.”  Chris ~ Rabbit’s Reviews


“Chica’s Place is well worth a visit for those of you with an interest in amateur Latina sluts that show you more than a good time.  This babe loves to get busy, and when she’s not having her picture taken as she masturbates or sucking cock while being filmed, then she’s doing live shows for her members. There’s lots of content and all of it is a spicy hardcore blast”.  Lauren ~ Porn Adept


“Her high-definition videos are a huge step ahead of most every other solo site we see out there, especially true husband and wife teams like this.  They’ve been making photos and videos for long enough that it almost doesn’t look amateur these days, but she’s still just an everyday girl who happens to have fun online.  The content is all exclusive of course, and won’t be found anywhere else”.  Spencer ~ The Best Porn


“If we had to suggest 5 sites for everyone to join, this would be one of them, without a doubt.  This is exactly what we like to see in an adult site.  Hot people, original content, amateurs and good, hard sex.  Not a damn thing wrong with this site! A new favorite!”  Admin ~ Porny Little Devil


“Chicas Place stars a very sexy Latina amateur getting into lots of hardcore fucking and sucking, kink and fetish treats and direct access to its star, the busty, cum-loving Chica.  I really enjoyed this site in all ways.  It has great quality, great porn and lots of ways for members to interact with Chica.”  Jerry ~ Porn Reviews


“The cool thing about Chica’s Place, is she and her husband are basically hanging out at home having really hot sex and taping it!  They are very creative, and this lovely Latina has some sexy tricks up her sleeve for sure.  Chica is simply amazing.  Everything she does she brings a very sexy, sensual feel to it. F rom just talking to the camera about what she wants to do to getting her legs spread and fucked good, Chica is erotic.  Chica loves sucking cock and swallowing gooey cum!”  Ric ~ All HD Reviews


“If your looking for hardcore amateur porn shot in high quality videos and photos you should definitely give ChicasPlace a visit. There are endless amounts of movies featuring Chica in hardcore action. And just as the free tour promises the movies are high resolution and crystal clear, there is also a live cam section, tons of images and even a bonus area featuring even more hot girls in tons more photos and videos.”  Antony ~ FreeOnes

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Sun Swallow

June 11th, 2010 4 comments

i’ve been asked before why the girls in arizona are so horny and i think i have it figured out…it’s the sun!  all this sunshine gives us plenty of vitamin D which naturally increases libido.  to prove my theory, i did a little experiment and spent a few hours in the pool yesterday and sure enough i got very horny!  to make sure the experiment was accurate i started sucking dave’s cock and he got horny too, so it must be true!  i needed some protein to go with my vitamins so a nice load of cum did the trick!  click HERE to watch me swallow every drop 😀

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Blowjob Poll

May 28th, 2010 11 comments

i was curious about what type of porn scene guys prefer so i put up a poll on the tour and in the member’s area to choose from blowjobs, handjobs, creampies and masturbation.  i figured those were the most common scenes and a good place to start.  as of today, visitors voted 41% for blowjobs, 31% for creampies, 18% for masturbation and 10% for handjobs.  members voted 56% for blowjobs, 37% for creampies, 4% for masturbation and 4% for handjobs.

wow, you guys love your blowjobs don’t you!  well, the people have spoken and i am more than happy to suck cock and swallow big loads of cum for your viewing pleasure.  click HERE to watch me drain this thick cock!

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Coral Oral

May 7th, 2010 3 comments

i wish i was sucking cock near a coral reef in the florida keys but until that happens i’m happy with sucking while wearing my coral dress 😀

we just bought a new HD camera and i think the quality is amazing!  let me know what you think.  click HERE to watch the full-length video.

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Facial Finish

April 9th, 2010 Comments off

i was so horny today after i got all cleaned up and slipped into my new black nightie.  dave was chasing me around the house with his boner so i knew i was going to get it!  i know he wanted to just stick it in me but i had to have his cock in my mouth for a little while.  sucking cock is what really gets me going…

i like to be dominated so i love it when he gets on top of me first but then i get so horny i just want to ride his cock and cum all over it!  his cock was still wet with my juices when i blew him and let him shoot a nice thick load on my face!  ahhhh, life is good 😀   click HERE to watch this video.

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