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Bootyshorts Creampie

March 4th, 2011 13 comments

for some reason it’s hard to find good booty shorts lately but i found these ones at VS and i think you guys are going to like them.  i know you guys like checking out my ass so after i stroked dave’s thick cock i took it for a ride cowgirl style and got filled with a hot load of cum!  this is my favorite position and i love to hump my pussy until she cums all over his throbbing cock!  click HERE to watch me work my booty!

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Cowgirl Creampie

September 24th, 2010 6 comments

one of my long time members has been asking for this one alot lately so here you go sweetie!  i love getting special requests like this because i know how personal it is to the person.   it’s my pleasure…literally!  lol

i think this is the first “reverse” cowgirl creampie we did on camera so i hope you guys like it.  if you know me, you know how much i like to hump and nothing gets me off faster than riding dave’s thick cock.  i got so horny today that i came twice, once riding cowgirl and once riding reverse cowgirl.  i humped the cum right out of his balls!  click HERE to watch the full video.

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February 1st, 2010 Comments off

Birthplace: Scottsdale, Arizona
Birthday: June 20th
Bust: 34 “D”
Waist: 25″
Hips: 34″
Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 110 lbs.

Turn-Ons: Polite and friendly people.  Oh, and bald men with big cocks! (hehe)

Turn-Offs: Rude and pushy people

Favorite Position: Cowgirl (I love to grind)

Favorite Movie: Interview with a Vampire

Favorite TV Show: Tru Blood

Favorite Book: Trouble in High Heels

Favorite Food: Fire Roasted Artichokes

Favorite Drink: Bud Select 55

Favorite Actor: Brad Pitt

Favorite Actress: Brittany Murphy (RIP)

Favorite Sport: Baseball (I love my hot dog and a cold beer!)

A little about me…
I was born in Phoenix Arizona.  I never knew my birth parents but I was told that my mother is Latina and my father is Irish.  My adopted parents are Latina and German so I fit in well.  I lived in Arizona until I was five when my father was relocated to Florida for work.  I loved Florida, mostly because I love hot weather and I love the beach.  When I was thirteen my father was again relocated back to Phoenix and I’ve lived here ever since.  I love Arizona but I still miss Florida from time-to-time.

In high school I was kind of a nerdy jock.  I know that probably seems funny but I was a straight A student and spent a lot of time with sports like running track and playing softball.  After high school I went to college but never really found my true calling until I started my site in 2005.

I really enjoy travelling and I always like visiting new and exciting places.  I have a bucket list and I’m slowly working my way through it.  A few years ago I started scuba diving so now I look for vacation destinations that have nice dive locations.

I’m an outdoors person so my two favorite activities are boating and off-roading.  Dave’s a bit of a thrill seeker so he’s been wanting me to go shark feeding and sky diving.  I’m very comfortable in the water so I’m up for shark feeding but I’m still not sure about the sky diving…yikes!


How we got started in porn…
Back in late 2001 my husband Dave (boyfriend at the time) bought his first digital video cam.  As you guys can imagine the first thing he wanted to film was us having sex.  We had only been dating several months so I was a little uncomfortable about being on tape.  Well, after a few drinks and some hot foreplay I was ready to do just about anything.  I couldn’t believe how turned on I got!

Over the next few months we started our own little private porn library 🙂

While out at a local restaurant one night, Dave mentioned that he thought about starting an amateur porn site.  I told him that the thought had crossed my mind as well…his jaw almost hit the table!  I figured we already had some movies made so why not.  He loves playing with cameras and I love playing with his cock so it was a match made in heaven…lol

We wanted to test our stuff out so a few days later we posted some short clips and pictures around the web.  The response was overwhelming!  We were flooded with emails from viewers wanting more…more…more!

So, here we are!  This site was created for your pleasure.  Improvements to our content and this site will be continuously made to satisfy your needs and desires.

Please, cum in and look around.  If you like what you see, relax and take a load off.  Thanks and enjoy!

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Gone Country

November 30th, 2009 Comments off

oh boy…i went country over the weekend and finally got a chance to wear my new cowboy hat.

we really tore thing up at Harold’s in cave creek and i got some 2-step instructions from an expert…yeehaa! now i want my “toes in the water, ass in the sand”…lol

[Photos: 6]

You know me, I like doing

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Ride’m Cowgirl

November 15th, 2009 Comments off

cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are my favorite positions because i’m a top grinder and i can cum humping just about anything.

after i used dave’s balls to pleasure my clit in the reverse cowgirl, i drained them dry in my mouth and down my throat…delicious!

[Video: 12min | Photos: 40]

It feels so good to grind on a cock and balls!


Double Drip

December 19th, 2008 Comments off

during my live camshows, i always get asked what my favorite position is. i love sex and i enjoy pretty much every position you can think of but my absolute favorite is me on top riding cowgirl style. grinding is how i first discovered masturbation so that might be part of the reason. i like to start out by massaging or sucking on a cock to get it nice and hard for my pussy wet. i like to sit on the cock while it’s pressed between my pussy lips and the guys belly and then slowly rock back and forth. i have to go slow here because i’ve made guys cum doing this and we wouldn’t want that would we? then i move forward just enough to let the tip of the cock enter my now wet and swollen pussy. my pussy is tight so it takes a little while to work it all the way in. my heart starts to race when the cock is all the way inside me and the head is pressing up against my g-spot, not to mention how good it feels to grind my clit into his pelvic. wait until you see how wet i get in this video before i get filled with a huge load of cum!



Cumshot Compilation 2008 Vol. 7

October 30th, 2008 Comments off

here’s the latest cum-comp guys! cum and get it!

i got wet and horny while editing this one…it made me crave a nice load of hot cum! no wonder i’m always thinking about sex…it’s always right in front of me 😉

this compilation is made from the following updates:

Boat Blow (Jul.4, 2008)
Cowgirl Cum (Jul.18, 2008)
Fuck & Suck (Jul.25, 2008)

Click HERE to buy this video.


Cowgirl Cum

July 18th, 2008 Comments off

the question i get asked most often is “what’s your favorite position?”. i always say “on top” but the proper term is “cowgirl”. i love this position because i get great clit stimulation and i can get the cock right on my g-spot for the ultimate orgasm!

in part 1, i suck dave off to get him nice and hard. once he’s ready, i ride him cowgirl and then “reverse” cowgirl until i cum hard all over his cock and balls!

in part 2, i hand-pump his thick cock until he squirts his load all over himself. i love watching the head while i’m patiently waiting for his cock to erupt!