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Stocking Pleasure

January 21st, 2011 18 comments

this one is for all my stocking guys!  i love this fetish as much as you guys do 🙂  click HERE to get the full scene and cum with me.

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Watch Me

July 30th, 2010 7 comments

being watched while i’m masturbating has always been a big turn-on for me.  i guess it’s kind of like a fetish for me.  i have a “non-porn” friend that goes to sex clubs and masturbates while guys stand around her and jerk off.  she said it’s very erotic and i totally get that.  click HERE to watch me.

[Video: 8min | Photos: 37]


click HERE to buy this video.

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May 10th, 2010 7 comments

those of you that have a “pussy” fetish are going to love watching Shanna’s unbelievable pussy contracting & convulsing during and after her very intense orgasms!  the amazing thing is she has no control over her pussy spasms & contractions when she’s cumming, her pussy just does it on it’s own when she cums. very few women have this unique ability, i think it’s called a “snapper”!  imagine how you would feel inside her when her pussy contracts on your cock wanting to milk you dry!  click HERE to watch the full-length video.

[Video: 30min]




December 2nd, 2009 Comments off

oh boy, the past few weeks have been full of nylon updates and here’s another one. i love the feeling of wearing them, especially rubbing my pussy through them. dave loves getting jerked off with nylons so i have to do an update like that soon.

for this camshow i used my trusty pyrex dildo and i got alot of comments from the viewers saying how much they loved hearing it move in and out of my wet pussy.

[Video: 12min | Photos: 58]

The nylon fetish guys are going to love this one!

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Stocking Show

June 30th, 2009 Comments off

ask and you shall receive! the last camshow i did i got alot of requests to wear a pair of stocking but at the time i didn’t have any ready so i came prepared this time! check out these bright pink ones!!!

wouldn’t you know it though, right after i put them on a foot fetish guy asked if i could take them off….lol. foot guys are very particular so i get it.

after my little teasing show i got busy with one of my g-spot pyrex dildos and got my pussy sloppy wet for you.



June 16th, 2008 Comments off

i got a special request a few weeks ago for a latex glove update so i decided to bring “nurse chica” back for a check-up. in the mean time, here’s a glove fetish update to hold you over…enjoy!

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January 3rd, 2008 Comments off

i thought i’d add something a little different in this update and my new friend “kim” is absolutely extreme! i know some of you pervs out there will really enjoy her fetish stuff. in this video she gets a nice stiff cock in her ass while her friend jean licks and fingers her pussy…now that’s a true friend!


Footjob Lesson

November 8th, 2007 Comments off

before we started the site i only gave a few footjobs but the more i do the more i understand the fetish side of feet. i get a wide variety of foot requests and the “footjob lesson” has been a very popular request ever since i posted the “handjob lesson”. enjoy!

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