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Couch Rodeo

August 6th, 2010 2 comments

you guys wanted more creampies so here you go!  i get on dave’s fat cock every chance i get so i’m glad you love the same thing.  when i’m riding him on the couch like this, i can grind my clit on his pelvic while the tip of his cock rubs right on my g-spot and this drives me crazy!!!  just as he’s about to fill my pussy with a hot load of cum, i can feel the head of his cock swell and that makes me cum at the same time.  next time i ride him like this i’m going to put a butt-plug in my tight ass!  click HERE to watch this crystal clear HD creampie!

[Video: 13min | Photos: 38]


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Backyard Butt-Plug

January 8th, 2010 Comments off

it’s not too often that i surprise dave but i got him today while we were fooling around in the backyard. i hiked up my dress and showed him that i already had my jeweled butt-plug in my ass! i know that kind of stuff really turns him on. it’s the simple things in life that count…lol

i know one particular neighbor was watching as i came all over one of my favorite vibrators.

[Video: 8min | Photos: 58]


Butt Plugged

August 12th, 2009 Comments off

i was craving something up my ass tonight and this toy almost fit perfectly. i say almost because my ass is pretty tight and the base of this butt-plug is thick so i had to really lube it up to get it in. it was worth every inch and once inside it felt amazing!

ass play always make me cum extra hard.


DP for Anya

July 13th, 2009 Comments off

everyone needs a little DP once in awhile and Anya gets it good in this one! Jim fucked her nice and hard while she had a butt-plug snug up her tight latina ass. he really unloaded all over her smooth swollen pussy and made a wonderful mess! clean-up on aisle 3!



June 19th, 2009 Comments off

today was one of those days when a tropical breeze was blowing and it didn’t even feel like arizona in the summer. we took advantage of this gorgeous day by lounging in our hot tub and that’s where i told dave i would put on a show for him using the toy of his choice. i have to be careful when doing this because one time i said the same thing and he brought me three toys…a butt-plug, dildo and vibrator! i was busy that day…lol

he behaved himself this time and brought out my “torpedo” vibrator…a water-play favorite.

after my little show i got to play with his torpedo…


Bound 2 Please

February 20th, 2009 Comments off

i love controlling a guys orgasm but every now and then i like to be controlled. dave started out by massaging my ass cheeks with oil, then he forced 3 orgasms out of me starting with a clit massage, then a g-spot/clit massage, then he finished me off with a butt-plug/g-spot/clit massage orgasm.

each orgasm was more intense than the one before. i added sub-text to the video so you know what i’m thinking and feeling while i’m being played with. i’ve never experienced anything quite like this before…


Erogenous Zones

October 13th, 2008 Comments off

i’ve been wanting to do this update for a long time and i finally get to take you on a tour of my erogenous zones! i have many so i had to narrow it down to my favorite ones.

i starting at my neck and worked my way down south to the best zone…my “pussy zone”.

after i inserted my favorite butt-plug, i rode my huge pink dildo while i massaged my clit with a vibrator…getting all 3 zones at the same time!


Plug Vibe

April 19th, 2008 Comments off

i want to thank two members (Kenneth & George) for sending me the outfit and butt-plug i used in this update! they were very pleasant surprises!

both seem to know me very well by now and they picked out the exact things i would have myself! i feel really sexy and naughty when i wear vinyl!

the butt-plug was pretty thick so i had to use lots of lube and work it in slowly. once it was in my tight ass, i used my mini-me vibrator on my clit and came really hard just for you! now i want you to do the same for me!