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Head Vibe

December 31st, 2005 Comments off

i had fun using my favorite toy on the head of dav’e cock while i sucked it! now he understands how good it feels and why i use it so much. it’s an intense machine but that’s the way i like it!

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December 24th, 2005 Comments off

we but the “X” in x-mas this year. it was more like xxx-mas…hehe

after riding a big fat dildo while sucking dave’s cock, he gave me a nice shot of “cock-nog” all over my tongue…yum!

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December 20th, 2005 Comments off

dave owed me this cumshot! he promised that he would let me milk one out and now i’m collecting. this one was a real squirter, shooting straight up in the air. i love the high pressure squirts, especially when it shoots down my throat.

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Belly Squirt

December 15th, 2005 Comments off

dave did such a nice job of licking my little pussy! nothings gets me going more than getting my clit sucked on. i was really lubed up and ready to get pounded but that huge piece of meat! the only thing that could have made this night better would be to get that cum all over my mouth and face. maybe next time.

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Virtual BJ

December 13th, 2005 Comments off

after a long day at work, i bet your ready for a nice relaxing blowjob to take the edge off. well, just sit back and relax…the only job you have is to give me all that cum you have stored up in your balls. give it to me baby!

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My First Butt-Plug!

December 10th, 2005 Comments off

i remember this day like it was yesterday. on december 10, 2005 i went to my favorite sex store to get my very first butt-plug and the only size they had was large so i figured i’d try it. i’ve never had anything this big in my ass before but i knew once i got turned on i’d forget about how big it was. i wasn’t prepared to have dave’s fat cock in my pussy at the same time and it was a very “full-filling” experience!

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Double Pleasure

December 8th, 2005 Comments off

i can’t even think when i’m getting my pussy licked while sucking a cock. my head just spins! i can see why girls like having two guys. i think it would be an awesome feeling being fucked from behind while sucking on a nice hard cock!

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December 6th, 2005 Comments off

i totally caught dave by surprise with this blowjob. we were on our way to bed and i wanted to suck him off to help him sleep better. it worked…he slept like a baby and i got a nice bedtime snack!

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