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Pussy Exam

May 26th, 2006 Comments off

hubby was horny this morning and decided to wake me up for a little fun. well, he got what he was looking for! i gave him a little show by dry humping my tight little pussy into an earth moving orgasm. after my pussy was soaking wet, he used his fingers to probed deep inside of me to get good look! now it was his turn! i sucked and jerked his cock until he shot a delicious load into my eager mouth. i could barely contain the massive load as it spilled out around my lips…


Happy Ending

May 19th, 2006 Comments off

watching me work my favorite toy on my swollen clit was more than hubby could take. it wasn’t long before his cock was rock hard and ready for my tight little pink pussy. with his fat cock buried deep inside of me and my clit on fire from the vibrator….i didn’t last long. i wanted him to experience the same intensity, so i massaged the backside of his engorged cock head until he released his load into my waiting mouth….mmmmm


Dildo Stretch

May 12th, 2006 Comments off

dave loves watching me play with big rubber dicks. i have a hard time getting it to fit but once it’s in…watch out! i like to pump it in and out to get it nice and lubed up before i quickly pull it out so he can see deep inside my gaping pussy. it absolutely drives him wild. when i know he’s ready, i milk his cock until there is nothing left to suck out of those swollen balls.


Open Wide

May 5th, 2006 Comments off

cinqo-de-mayo! there’s nothing i love more than getting my pussy and mouth satisfied. after a cool refreshing swim, i like to probe my pussy deep while hubby jerks a hot delicious load all over my eager lips. we timed our orgasms perfectly….