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Big Load

January 26th, 2007 Comments off

after a long day at work, my man arrived home not expecting the pleasure i had in store for him. i thought about sucking his cock all day long and i got so excited that i had to pleasure myself twice throughout the day. now that i was satisfied, i could focus all my attention on his incredible mass of manhood. as i slowly massaged his cock with my hot mouth, i could feel it pulsing and i knew he was about to pop off a huge load for me. i was in cum heaven!

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Speculum Play

January 19th, 2007 Comments off

Several weeks ago i received another email from kenneth in sweden asking for a speculum video. he loves the close-up pictures of my pussy and wanted to see deep inside of me. well that’s the least i could do for a loyal member. dave had a lot of fun shooting this one…especially using his new digital camera. the speculum we bought looked pretty large so dave used his cock to help relax my pussy first. after having a good look around inside my pussy, he decided to put his cock in me again and fill me up with a huge load. to top off an exciting afternoon, he used the speculum again to admire all that deposited cum…

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Sperm Snack

January 12th, 2007 Comments off

i was hungry and horny, but i didn’t expect the sperm snack that was cumming my way! nothing satisfies my craving like a little chocolate smeared all over a big cock…i call it “cockolate”! the best part is when i get a shot of fresh cream!

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Body Suit

January 5th, 2007 Comments off

a long time member “kenneth” from sweden sent me this sexy body suit! i love it! thanks sweetie…i hope you enjoy this update as much as i liked wearing it.  i did my best not to get cum all over it…hehe you know how messy i like to get, especially when it comes to sucking on a nice big fat cock!

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