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XXXmas Party

December 7th, 2008 Comments off

this is the fist time we ever went to a porn xmas party and it was a good one! i’m amazed by how many people do porn here. we work out of home and sometimes it’s like we’re in our own little bubble so it’s fun getting together with everyone.

as you can see things really got going late into the night…as usual! it’s pretty hot watching girls give blowjobs like santa’s little helpers did. they were fucking, sucking and licking all night long!

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December 5th, 2008 Comments off

remember the shower scene in “physco”? well, this video started out the same way but this time there wasn’t a killer with a knife, there was a perv with a dildo!

dave loves watching me ride dildos and i’m sure he imagines it being another guys cock i’m riding. i like to give him a good show so i stuck my “big red” dildo to the edge of the tub and rode it while my pussy got really creamy..then i came hard.

at this point dave was so turned on that his cock was dripping pre-cum when i pulled it out of his pants. did i mention how much i love pre-cum?

a friend of mine was showing me her ball-sucking technique a few weeks ago at a party so i was eager to try it out on dave. oh ya…it worked like a charm!

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