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Babe in Blue

November 21st, 2008

i was getting dressed up to go to my friend’s birthday party tonight when i started getting horny and felt like playing. what can i say, when i get horny…i get horny and i have to take care of it…lol

this was a good time to use my new “hammer” vibrator seeing how i broke the last one. i got my money’s worth out of it though…

i was planning on just having a quick orgasm but i could see how horny dave got while watching me so i knew he needed a good “milking”. besides, i didn’t want the poor guy walking around the party with a big boner…lol

he shot a nice thick load all over my nose, lips, cheek and even managed to get it all over my neck…his balls were loaded.

we had to get ready for the party so i’m glad i didn’t get cum all over my dress…lol

the party lasted for 2 days and now i need some r&r. party like a rockstar? it should be party like a pornstar!

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