Bendy Vibe

November 3rd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

this bendy vibrator is like having a big finger in my pussy rubbing right on my favorite spot…my g-spot!  that fat smooth tip felt amazing inside me and had me wiggling all over my bed until i came all over it.  the only thing missing is a second one for my ass.  click HERE to see my bendy vibe in action!

[Video: 14min]


  1. Edwin A. Halderman
    November 15th, 2010 at 14:25 | #1

    I think it looks great! All that is missing is (MY) tongue.
    SEMPER FI!!!

  2. Chica
    November 15th, 2010 at 17:12 | #2

    i love that vibrator!

  3. James
    February 26th, 2011 at 13:29 | #3

    damn chica you are so hot i would bang you. cum in your pussy to make a creampie.

  4. Chica
    February 26th, 2011 at 14:10 | #4

    thanks james! i didn’t get your comment about diane price earlier. whos’ diane price?

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