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Cabo Cruise

July 9th, 2009

our cruise started out in san diego but the party started a day before that on the five hour drive there. dave drove so he had to tolerate three boozers the whole way…lol

once we got into san diego we had to get dave up to speed so we headed over to the “star” bar for some tequila shots. i didn’t have any…beer is my “safe” drink.

the first day and a half on the cruise were at sea and that works out great because it gives us time to relax, familiarize ourselves with the ship and have lots of sea-sex! there’s nothing quite like vacation sex…

when we got into cabo on the third day and we made our way to “cabo wabo” which is smamy hagar’s bar to check it out but we only had a few dos equis before going to the mango deck. if you’re ever in cabo you have to go there…it’s right on the beach and alot of fun.

the next day and a half were at sea going back to san diego. when we pulled out of cabo it got really windy and a little too cold for my liking. you guys know me…i like it hot!

when we got back to san diego we decided to take the tour of the USS Midway. i’m not really that into all the military stuff but dave is and i was surprised by how much i actually liked it.

so that pretty much sums up our short trip.

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