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Cardinals vs. Browns

December 6th, 2007

this was our first time to the new stadium and what a game it was! they’re having the superbowl here this year but i doubt we’ll be getting tickets but who knows.

we were all having a few beers and getting pumped up for the game and we just happened to be sitting behind some “browns” fans. the girl in the group had her face painted but decided to clean it off at half-time. well, dave and jj starting singing “browns are going down, down…down..down” and the girl turned around and said “ya, going down on your mother”! without thinking, i blurted out “oh, nice mouth…and you looked better with the face paint on”! haha!

she just said “that was really mean”. hmmm, compared to what she said? funny huh!

oh well, the cardinals won and it was a great game. the close ones always are!

that’s an awesome statue of pat tillman…huh! kind of looks like i was giving him a rub!

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