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November 19th, 2007 Comments off

my new amateur friend “jen” loves to take it up the butt and in this video she takes it like a pro! her hubby mike pumped her ass hard and really enjoyed filling her up with a nice load! i bet she was feeling that the next day. my ass was contracting just watching it.

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Playboy Party

November 18th, 2007 Comments off

this was one of the most exciting days i’ve ever had! dave and i got a last minute invite to the pj & lingerie party at the playboy mansion so there was no way we could pass up that opportunity! once we got to LA dave and i both needed a way to relieve some tension from all the excitement and there’s no better way than a good orgasm to relax the body. i used one of my glass toys in my tight ass while i rubbed my clit to a mind blowing orgasm! my ass was tingling all night at the party…i love that! dave wanted to fuck me so bad after that but i wanted to save that for after the party so i jacked him off on the marble counter instead. my teasing worked and he was all over me…all night! we made a scene in the grado that i’m sure will be circulating around the web…hehe

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Crystal Cum

September 14th, 2007 Comments off

my man needed his daily milking and i worked a real squirter out him tonight. what a nice sloppy mess that made!

glass toys are perfect for ass play because they are super smooth and i can easily work it into my tight butt. anal orgasms are always more intense for me…i think it’s the pleasure/pain threshold that gets me off so hard. for added pleasure i like to either put it in hot water or in the fridge before i use it!

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September 3rd, 2007 Comments off

this is my latest friend “heather”. she has a fantastic body and a very unique skill. that’s right, she can deepthroat! i’m not talking about a small cock either, she can swallow her hubby’s long cock so far that she can actually lick his balls! to top it off, she loves to swallow every drop of cum! i like sites like this that have lots of hardcore amateur content.

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Des Does Anal

August 9th, 2007 Comments off

des sent me this clip last week and watching it makes me crave dave’s cock in my butt! after her hubby gets her ass all lubed up, he does a nice job of giving her an anal orgasm. you’re my girl des!

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July 6th, 2007 Comments off

wow! what a july 4th we had! before we went out to party and watch some fireworks, dave gave me a preview by shooting off his own rocket!

i was in the mood to get slammed from behind and just when i didn’t think it could feel any better, dave shoved his thumb in my tight ass! OMG! my pussy got all creamy and i came almost immediately all over his cock.

he finished the show with cum bursting in air! i was seeing stars all night!

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June 11th, 2007 Comments off

give my new friend haley a nice sticky chica’s place welcum! haley is a real sweetie and has that “girl next door” look. my butt was tingling just watching her take that stiff pole in her perfect little ass!

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Condom Clad Cock

August 18th, 2006 Comments off

this was a special request video from brett. he liked the condom handjob we did a few months ago but wanted to see me suck my hubby’s condom clad cock. i can’t say no to sex…hehe, especially when it’s a special request from a member.

dave really deposited a load in this one…yummy

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