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September 5th, 2008

i got an email awhile back asking me to do a CFNM video. i said “sure, as soon as i google it to find out what it is”…lol

it stands for “Clothed Female, Naked male”. i’ve done a few like this but i’m more than happy to make a new one!

some videos like this are about male humiliation but for me it’s about cock worship. i wanted him to sit back, relax and enjoy being milked.

to make it more interesting, i bought a new cock toy called “the ball stretcher”. i’m sure this doesn’t sound pleasurable but just watch how much cum shoots out of dave’s cock when it’s strapped on!

this cock-ring made his cock so big that i had a hard time getting my lips around the head and he shot such a big load that i almost didn’t get it down…almost!

Click HERE to buy this video.

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