Do Me

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what’s your favorite position?  my favorite is riding on top because i can grind out a nice orgasm but i also like doggy-style because i feel like i’m being “taken” from behind and that brings me to orgasm.  when i arch my back, i can feel the under side of his cock rubbing on my g-spot and it doesn’t take long to make me cum hard.  i also love the feeling of balls hitting my clit at the same time.  this load went deep into my pussy and took a little while to drip out but it was a big one and worth the wait.

[Video: 13min | Photos: 38]


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  1. abc123
    October 10th, 2011 at 21:21 | #1

    I love your videos, they are my favorite on the internet! I need to share a fantasy with you: I can’t tell you how much I’m dying to see you bring more people in. I’d love to see you and another girl doing your hubby. Or even another girl and guy in the room with you, even if you don’t touch them. Or maybe the guy cums on your belly or boobs or something. Somehow I want you blindfolded in this video. I hope one day we will see something risque like that! Keep the videos coming!

  2. Chica
    October 10th, 2011 at 21:33 | #2

    having sex with other people in the room can be a huge turn-on! blindfold huh? i think i still have mine from the last one i made wearing one.

  3. Horndog
    October 12th, 2011 at 04:26 | #3

    Yes Chica-winks to the screen…
    I could imagine the naughty thoughts in your mind as you typed the narration for this post my kitten- laughter with no malice intended my Temptress..
    You are such a Sexual Erotic superbabe with such power
    Your choice of sexual positions…Top notch Chica – Bowing to the screen in agreement…

    I sense you love the Cowgirl Sexual Positions ( the ordinary cowgirl position when you face your husband or lover and the reverse cowgirl where your back to them as your pussy and bum bounce off their eager shafts -hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa)
    Ooooooooooo yyyyeesssss superbabe …that is a vision…
    And Doggie Style from Behind …. You loooovvveeeee that Burn from Behind dont you my goddess? affectionate winks…

    I like Cowgirl and Doggy Techniques plus another one.
    (When a man and his goddess are in full throes of hardcore sex-winks)
    A Reverse Doggy with the superbabe on her back, her bum and pussy between my thighs like a vicegrip with her legs continuing upward over my shoulders with her feet pointing the celling-hhhhhaaaaaaaa
    Okay the guy is doing all the pumping but the superbabe is receiving- winks…

  4. Chica
    October 12th, 2011 at 12:11 | #4

    i’ll do a reverse cowgirl for the next one! i love grinding my clit on his balls 🙂

  5. BlueBalls
    October 13th, 2011 at 08:01 | #5

    The first time I watched that video I ejaculated 3 times in a row,my balls were near to explode 😉

  6. Chica
    October 13th, 2011 at 17:04 | #6

    wow, good job with the 3 loads sweetie 🙂

  7. Horndog
    October 14th, 2011 at 04:28 | #7

    I will drop by to see your Reverse Cowgirl Chica- affectionate winks
    I can see it in my mind already………..wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooffffffffff–hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Exxttrreemmmeeeellyyyy Seeexxxxxxxyyyyyyyy and you are ssssssssssoooooo ffffffiiittttt- winks…
    The way your scrrooocchhing pussy feels eeevveerryyyyy sensation from your husband’s shaft and testicles – ooouuuuuuuccchhhhhh-smiles…
    I think there should be a full feature length film made to show this sexual position -winks (Que to Hollywood Producers…Annyyyyoonneee????-winks)

    Including another sexual position which you did a set for not too long ago Goddess- more saucy winks …
    The Chair Sex pics???? …… The babe seated upon the chair as her partner sssllllliiiddesssss his ereeecccttttt eager shaft in and ooouuttttt her voooolllccaannnniiiiccccc pussy (or bum -ooooouuuuccchhhh)

    Also the main pic above as you look through your succuuulllent scrooocchhing bum pussy arch as the semen droppppppssssssss from your ssssuuupppeeerrrr tiiigghhttttt pussy (I am liiiiccckking my llips with lust -no malice babe)
    Kisses to you Chica

  8. Rick
    October 14th, 2011 at 23:57 | #8

    Good job girl! You are such a sexy doll. I love your hot nails and how you take hot jizz in your sweet kitty.