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Hollywood Show

November 16th, 2007

here are all the pics from our trip, well at least the ones i can legally show…lol. dave got most of the party on video and i’ll post it as soon as it’s ready.

our trip started out with a last minute invite to the pj & lingerie party at the playboy mansion. if someone told me that i’d be partying at the playboy mansion i never would have believed it in a million years! LA is only a six hour drive from phoenix so it was a no brainer…we were going to party at hef’s place! we got to LA a few days early to hang out with some friends and meet with some other people in the adult business. we don’t go to many gatherings like that so it’s always good to keep up with new things going on.

the party was friday night and i was sooo excited all day long. i watch the reality show “the girls next door” every week so i was hoping to meet the girls. as it turned out hef had another party at the same time so i don’t think he made an appearence. needless to say, the party was amazing! you could feel the energy everywhere…especially in the grado! dave and i were all alone in the grado for about 15 minutes so we started fooling around and we caught some guy video taping us. just when things started to get good, a ton of people started piling in and it got so hot in there that we had to leave.

one of the highlights at the party was meeting evan stone (www.evanstone.com). i didn’t recognize him but dave picked him out of the crowd. he was awesome and he loves to party! i couldn’t get over how many half naked hot people there were. some of the girls with the body paint on looked so real that they were freaking me out. i had to get really close to them to see that it was paint. we partied hard all night and closed the place down! the moral of the story…the mansion was absolutely amazing!

the next day dave and i drove to santa monica and had lunch on the pier. after that we drove through malibu to pick out our second home…ya right! lol

well, that was our spontanious adventure and an experience i’ll never forget! i’m glad i can share it with you.

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