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Laughlin Trip

February 20th, 2008

here are a few pics from our laughlin trip last weekend. laughlin is in nevada just on the other side of the colorado river from arizona. this is our first time there and we just tagged along with some friends that were going last minute. you can gamble there but it’s definately not vegas! oh well, it’s a quick, inexpensive getaway.

i’m not a big gambler but i like playing the slots, relaxing and people watching. the nice thing is, you can drink for free as long as you’re gambling. note the picture of me drinking the water…hehe.

the highlight of the trip was when i won $1,000 at the wheel of fortune slot machine! i didn’t even realize what happened until dave started yelling holy shit…you won!” i know $1,000 isn’t much but it’s exciting when you win it!

i played with more than a slot machine while we were there…i’ll show you the video later this week.

a bunch of us are going back up that way to parker with the boats for july 4th weekend…now that will be a blast!

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