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Memorial Day 2008

May 29th, 2008

ok, now i can go into detail about our memorial day weekend out on lake pleasant.

we went out on saturday morning and it was still pretty chilly so as you can imagine i wasn’t thrilled about that. you know me…i love the heat! anyway, we dressed warm, had some drinks and made the best of it. early in the evening a bunch of people on a house boat asked us to tie up with them. this boat was really nice and i wanted to spend the weekend on it! after partying with them until about 2am, we took the party over to our boat and finished the night off there. i didn’t sleep that great but dave was pretty drunk so he slept like a baby…lol

with the sun shining in our faces, the next morning came really early…5am early! around 10am we had to drive back to the dock to pick up some friends. as we approached the dock we noticed a huge plume of smoke coming from a burning boat at the loading ramp. we found out later that the owner didn’t run his engine exhaust fan and when he started the boat there was an explosion. three girls were injured but thankfully no one died. we put a quick scene in the video.

later that day humbug bay (aka “Hooter Cove”) was jam’n! i never seen so many boats out there….it was packed! we met lots of really cool people and partied our asses off!

i love to party but i’m also glad when we come home to rest. i can only handle a few days of hard partying and i’m ready to just hang.

now that i’m rested, i can’t wait for our july 4th trip to the colorado river! wait until you see my outfit…you’re gonna love it!

so here are a few pics for you to enjoy along with a video we made showing some highlights. we have over an hour of video but we didn’t want to bore you to death…lol

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