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New Years Steve

January 2nd, 2009

dave had to help one of our friends set up his DJ equipment for the party the other night and he was running late so he sent over his buddy “steve” to help me with this update. we have been friends for a long time so i could tell he was a little uncomfortable about seeing me naked like this but he got over that quickly…lol

steve did a great job with the camera while i used both hands to finger my smooth wet pussy…he really enjoyed the close-ups!

after i came i noticed that he was trying to hide the hard cock he had trapped in his jeans so i thought i should at least take care of that for him. i’m sure dave will understand.

i was sucking and stroking away when all of the sudden he surprised me by shooting his load in my mouth! steve’s load tasted amazing and i got every drop! i hope he can cum back soon…

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