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October 24th, 2008

this is the update you almost never got to see… the weather is so nice here right now and we thought it would be fun to do an outdoor shoot so we took a drive out to lake pleasant in search for a secluded place. we just finished shooting and while we were leaving we got pulled over by a sherrif’s deputy. he was asking all kinds of questions before he told us that the reason he pulled us over is because we were spotted taking nude photos! dave told him we were just taking “glamour” pictures and the deputy just smirked and said “uh huh”. then he said “so, if i check your camera i won’t find any nude photos on them?…because if i do, i’ll have to confiscate your cameras” that’s when i started getting nervous. then he started telling us about catching people out there all the time and one time he caught a couple of 300lb. girls mud wrestling near the lake! him and dave started laughing and joking around about it so that kind of lightened the situation. thankfully he let us go with a warning. i’m just glad that i got to cum before we got caught.

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