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December 12th, 2009

we went shopping last night and then had some chamborge margaritas at Z Tejas…they are the best!

while were were sitting there a girl came up to the bar and asked for a shot. nothing unusually about that right? when the bartender started looking for the drink she wanted she said “i’m in ahurry so just give me whatever you have”. dave and i just looked at each other and after she left we asked the bartender about it and he said it happens alot. he said sometimes when couples are on a first date one will order a quick shot while the other goes to the bathroom…hmmmm. it’s always fun going to a place where you don’t know anyone and starting up conversations.

when we got home we went right to the bed for some hot sex. we went it at for almost 2 hours but we were a little too boozey to cum so we crashed and picked up where we left off this morning.

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I get a little crazy when I shop!

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