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Panty Load

December 29th, 2006 Comments off

we were running a little late for a friends party but i knew if i didn’t take care of dave he would be groping me all night long…he gets super horny when he’s had a few…hehe i was horny myself so as soon as i was done servicing my wet pussy, i sucked his cock until he was ready to release my favorite treat.  i was feeling nasty…so i jerked his thick load into my black thong panties. just feeling all that cum squishing around in my panties drove me absolutely crazy! once in awhile i would dip my finger in for a quick taste…mmm

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2006 Xmas Cum

December 22nd, 2006 Comments off

i wanted xmas and dave to cum early this year! after a few glasses of rum and eggnog i was so horny…i wanted some cocknog! dave didn’t cum for several days so i knew he had a huge load stored up for me. i love when he’s like that, his cock gets so big and hard. i’m a pleaser by nature and nothing gets me going more than to control his orgasm. i jerked a thick hot load all over my nylons and sexy santa outfit….not sure if that will cum out in the wash…hehe

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Crotchless Cum

December 15th, 2006 Comments off

dave loves when i surprise him with sexy new outfits so you can imagine how excited he was when i showed him the crotch less panties i bought at fredrick’s! after some brief teasing, he couldn’t wait to enter me with his horny cock! he instructed me to keep my panties on while he had his way with me…i like that a lot. after i had an incredible orgasm, he finished off by unloading all over my face! my skin has never felt so soft.

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Cock Pleaser

December 8th, 2006 Comments off

do you guys like deep throating? well, you have to watch this video then because this is the only time i can get all of dave’s thick cock in my mouth! i love to put his cock in my mouth before he gets hard and suck on it while it grows. it doesn’t take long before his cock is rock hard and pushing it’s way out of my eager mouth. dave’s been working long hours lately so i wanted to do something special just for him. so i got all dressed up in something sexy and when he got home i gave him a nice relaxing blowjob. i confess, it wasn’t just for him…i was craving for his cock in my mouth all day!

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Blowjob Payoff

December 1st, 2006 Comments off

oh no…stranded on the boat dock! how can this damsel in distress possibly get out to the cove to meet her boyfriend who’s at a house boat party? simple, she offers to blow a guy in exchange for a ride! once they anchor, he makes her play with herself so he can get rock hard. she does a real number on that tight little pussy…probing it deep with one, then two fingers, while at the same time vigorously rubbing her clit. the show worked and this guy was ready for payment! i just hope her boyfriend won’t be able to smell cum on her breath…

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