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Pink Panty Show

February 2nd, 2011 9 comments

i get alot of feedback everytime i wear pink so i wanted to give you guys a live pink panty camshow in my new ruffle panties.  thanks for joining me for the show everyone…i hope your orgasm was as good as mine 🙂  click HERE to watch my panty show.

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Butt-Plug Creampie

October 22nd, 2010 12 comments

my pussy is very tight but i love the feeling of being filled completely so i put my glass butt-plug in my ass before dave fucked me and it was amazing!  i know it felt good for him to because he shot a huge load deep inside my pussy that dripped out nice and slow.  this one was a real panty soaker.  i love the feeling of the cum dripping out of my pussy and down around the base of the butt-plug.  this is how i like to start my weekend 🙂  click HERE to see my pussy get filled with cum!

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Toeless Pantyhose

November 27th, 2009 Comments off

i forgot i even had these toeless pantyhose and when i was going through my drawers the otherday i thought it would be fun to make a “foot” video with them. i’m sure they would work great for a nice slippery footjob too!

after giving myself a foot rub with some light tickling i was nice and relaxed to hump my back massager through my pantyhose.

[Video: 10min | Photos: 44]

Cumming through my nylons!


Panty Play

February 5th, 2009 Comments off

i have alot of “panty” fans out there and i receive requests each week asking for more panty updates. alot like it when i jerk dave off into a pair and then wear them out somewhere like the mall. some like when i wrap the panties around his cock and stroke it until he erupts on them. others like it when i masturbate in them using my fingers or one of my favorite toys.

here’s one of the masturbation requests and i have to say when i do this it reminds me of when i first started masturbating. most of my experiences back then were clothed because i didn’t want to get caught by my parents or sister. i became very skilled at this and could cum quickly without drawing attention to myself. now when i do it, i draw lots of attention to myself…lol



January 30th, 2009 Comments off

i picked up a sexy bra, panty and stocking set at VS today and thought it would be fun to model them in front of my bedroom mirror.

one thing led to another and before i knew it i had a nice thick cock in my mouth. hmmm, i wonder how that happened?

well, if you stick a cock in my face you better be ready to use it because my pussy is horny and wants to go for a ride!

i was so horny that i came twice before dave filled my pussy with a load of hot cum. i can still feel it slowly dripping out of me as i write this…


Panty Vibe

July 9th, 2008 Comments off

i had to behave myself during last night’s camshow but that doesn’t mean i couldn’t have some fun. fun for me is playing with my titties and using my mini-me vibrator to massage my clit through my panties. i’m super horny this time of the month so i had to cum twice to take the edge off.

did you have fun watching?



April 18th, 2008 Comments off

here’s a new update from some hot friends we met at the phoenix forum this year. you can catch a glimpe of them in the scrapbook video. he’s pumping her from behind at the pool!

tiffany and her hubby are among the “porn” canadian invasion that has been sweeping the internet. the beach boys were right, those northern girls really know how to keep their men warm!

in this update tiffany gives her hubby a creative “panty job” after riding his big cock! i give her an “A+” for creative jacking!

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Panty Load

December 29th, 2006 Comments off

we were running a little late for a friends party but i knew if i didn’t take care of dave he would be groping me all night long…he gets super horny when he’s had a few…hehe i was horny myself so as soon as i was done servicing my wet pussy, i sucked his cock until he was ready to release my favorite treat.  i was feeling nasty…so i jerked his thick load into my black thong panties. just feeling all that cum squishing around in my panties drove me absolutely crazy! once in awhile i would dip my finger in for a quick taste…mmm

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