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Bedroom Babydoll

November 26th, 2010 19 comments

i just got out of a hot bubble bath, i’m smooth eveywhere and it’s time to slip into my babydolls and have some “me” time.  you’re invited to watch and hopefully you’ll join me and we can have some “us” time together.  i want you to try something with me.  get your cock nice and hard and stroke it but don’t cum just yet, wait for me.  see if you can time your orgasm with mine.  even if you have to watch me a few times, do your best to cum at the exact same time…i would love that!  click HERE so we can cum together!

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Measure Up

November 19th, 2010 16 comments

how do you measure up?  i never knew this before but apparently most guys measure their cocks at some point in their lives.  i totally get that because i always wanted bigger boobs and figured i would have them someday…i was right 🙂

i get emails from guys and girls who want to know how big dave’s cock is.  this is a good question because sometimes it’s hard to tell on camera.  the size varies depending on how horny he is and i’ve seen his cock increase in length by almost an inch when he’s super horny.  so, i got out the measuring tape and got his digits.  after i measured the outside, i wanted to know what he had for me on the inside so i jerked him off into a shot glass and used his hot load to lube up my pussy for a deep fingering orgasm.  cum is the best lube!  click HERE for the “full-length” video 🙂

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November 16th, 2010 2 comments

we were out earlier tonight with friends so when it was time to leave the bar to get home for my live camshow they weren’t done partying so they decided to come home with us.  i thought to myself “hmmm, this might get interesting…lol”.  while they were outside enjoying a drink around the firepit, i was inside keeping the party going with you guys using my glow in the dark vibrator.  i was a little tipsy and very horny!  just so you know, i always get horny after a few drinks!  the funniest part was i could hear them talking outside so i know she could hear me moaning inside!  the thought of that turned me on even more!  click HERE to join me for a beer and a good cum!

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Deep Creampie

November 12th, 2010 6 comments

all creampies are good but the deep ones are the best.  i hope you guys like looking at my just fucked pussy because this one was deep and took a little while to drip out.  wait, i’m getting a little ahead of myself here.   before i got fucked hard from behind by dave’s big cock, i warmed myself up with my “go to” vibrator.  this one always gets the job done and is so strong that it can even make me cum through my clothes!

ok, getting back to my deep creampie.  i love getting fucked doggy-style but i have a small pussy and it’s a vulnerable position for me.  it hurts a little at first but i love the feeling of being “taken”.  there’s something primitive about that position that makes my pussy quiver.  click HERE to see how deep the cum was in my pussy.

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Fingers and Toes

November 10th, 2010 4 comments

i love fingers and i know alot of my members love toes so why not do both.  the first part of my live show was for me to enjoy my probing fingers.  my favorite thing is feeling my pussy contract and squeeze my fingers as i start to climax.  i imagine how that must feel for a cock deep inside me.

after having an amazing orgasm i was very relaxed and i was craving a foot massage so the last part of my show was for some self-pampering.

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Devilish Desire

November 5th, 2010 2 comments

when i saw this outfit at fredricks i knew you guys were going to love it.  was i right?  i hope so because nothing makes me feel sexier than a corset and thigh highs.  even when i slid the first stocking on i could feel my pussy contracting and getting wet like i was teasing myself.  i gave in and put two fingers deep in my pussy and had a sloppy orgasm.  click HERE to watch the entire video.

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Bendy Vibe

November 3rd, 2010 4 comments

this bendy vibrator is like having a big finger in my pussy rubbing right on my favorite spot…my g-spot!  that fat smooth tip felt amazing inside me and had me wiggling all over my bed until i came all over it.  the only thing missing is a second one for my ass.  click HERE to see my bendy vibe in action!

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