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Fingers and Toes

November 10th, 2010 4 comments

i love fingers and i know alot of my members love toes so why not do both.  the first part of my live show was for me to enjoy my probing fingers.  my favorite thing is feeling my pussy contract and squeeze my fingers as i start to climax.  i imagine how that must feel for a cock deep inside me.

after having an amazing orgasm i was very relaxed and i was craving a foot massage so the last part of my show was for some self-pampering.

[Video: 9min]



Toeless Pantyhose

November 27th, 2009 Comments off

i forgot i even had these toeless pantyhose and when i was going through my drawers the otherday i thought it would be fun to make a “foot” video with them. i’m sure they would work great for a nice slippery footjob too!

after giving myself a foot rub with some light tickling i was nice and relaxed to hump my back massager through my pantyhose.

[Video: 10min | Photos: 44]

Cumming through my nylons!


Foot Lotion

January 11th, 2008 Comments off

i know there are alot of “foot” fans out there and i promised a member i would do a special request this week. he didn’t want the usual “foot job” but rather just some pics and a video of me playing with my feet. he wanted to see some special attention to the soles of my feet. my feet were a little dry today so i could use a good lotion rub.

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May 20th, 2007 Comments off

i received a special request from “rick” who is really into my feet. he’s been a member for a long time but only recently asked me for a foot video and picture set. i went through some of our previous “footage” (no pun intended)and found this. here you go rick…i hope you like the footage.

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