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Cock-Ring Fun

February 16th, 2007 Comments off

i wanted to play a little game with dave this valentine’s day! he had to do whatever i wanted him to do and i had to do whatever he wanted me to do. ladies first…hehe! ok, my “want” was for him to finger my pussy while i rubbed my clit and right before i came he had to put a finger in my ass at the same time! it makes my orgasms very intense and i love that! his “want” was for me to use a new cock-ring i bought. i think his want was more for me though. i got to handle his huge meat and take a thick load all over my face!


2006 Xmas Cum

December 22nd, 2006 Comments off

i wanted xmas and dave to cum early this year! after a few glasses of rum and eggnog i was so horny…i wanted some cocknog! dave didn’t cum for several days so i knew he had a huge load stored up for me. i love when he’s like that, his cock gets so big and hard. i’m a pleaser by nature and nothing gets me going more than to control his orgasm. i jerked a thick hot load all over my nylons and sexy santa outfit….not sure if that will cum out in the wash…hehe

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Crotchless Cum

December 15th, 2006 Comments off

dave loves when i surprise him with sexy new outfits so you can imagine how excited he was when i showed him the crotch less panties i bought at fredrick’s! after some brief teasing, he couldn’t wait to enter me with his horny cock! he instructed me to keep my panties on while he had his way with me…i like that a lot. after i had an incredible orgasm, he finished off by unloading all over my face! my skin has never felt so soft.

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Cat Woman

October 27th, 2006 Comments off

that’s not me wearing a leather bondage mask…darn! that’s me wearing my cat girl mask while dave is drilling me from behind :o) dave and i were ready to leave the house for a halloween party but wearing that cat suit got me hotter than an arizona summer! he made me strip down and take that thick shaft from behind until i came hard. he can get me deep like that and he loves controlling my orgasm. i finished him off with a good tug job while my pussy was still quivering….

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Creamy Treat

August 4th, 2006 Comments off

i was in the mood for a picnic! so, dave and i got some strawberries and whip cream and went to a local horse riding area…how appropriate (hehe)after having some food fun we went back to the nice cool car for some real fun! this was my first opportunity to play with a new toy that a member bought me last week. it’s a micro-bullet vibrator that is powerful enough to loosen teeth…lol after having a great orgasm dave felt a little left out so i did what any loving wife would do….i jerked him off until i got some real whip cream….mmm


Pussy Exam

May 26th, 2006 Comments off

hubby was horny this morning and decided to wake me up for a little fun. well, he got what he was looking for! i gave him a little show by dry humping my tight little pussy into an earth moving orgasm. after my pussy was soaking wet, he used his fingers to probed deep inside of me to get good look! now it was his turn! i sucked and jerked his cock until he shot a delicious load into my eager mouth. i could barely contain the massive load as it spilled out around my lips…


Open Wide

May 5th, 2006 Comments off

cinqo-de-mayo! there’s nothing i love more than getting my pussy and mouth satisfied. after a cool refreshing swim, i like to probe my pussy deep while hubby jerks a hot delicious load all over my eager lips. we timed our orgasms perfectly….


Strip Fuck

April 28th, 2006 Comments off

do you like strawberries? how about a nice strawberry thong bikini! a few drinks and some sun warming up my strawberry patch is all that it takes to get me ready for a strip show. hubby bent me over and took my pussy from behind. dave’s cock head rubbed on my g-spot until my pussy contracted in a powerful orgasm. shortly after that he gave me what i was looking for…a tasty cream pie.

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