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You Cum…I Cum

August 10th, 2007 Comments off

we had a blast tonight with our toys! i pumped dave’s cock with his custom fleshlight vagina until i got a mouthful of hot cum. he was really horny and didn’t take long to unload down my throat. afterwards i creamed all over my brand new “rock chick” toy! it’s a really cool toy that kind of clamps in my pussy to stimulate my g-spot and clit at the same time. i just love those deep g-spot orgasms! i’m starting to realize that i’m a cum junky!


Des Does Anal

August 9th, 2007 Comments off

des sent me this clip last week and watching it makes me crave dave’s cock in my butt! after her hubby gets her ass all lubed up, he does a nice job of giving her an anal orgasm. you’re my girl des!

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Jewel Bonus

August 4th, 2007 Comments off

i was still really horny after we shot our latest update and dave filmed me going for my second “O”

that plug felt very comfortable in my tight ass and the size/weight was perfect to make my clit tingle. i think a second orgasm with the vibrator would have been too intense. see how puffy my pussy gets? it gets very sensitive like that. dave fucked me 15 minutes later and that made me a happy girl.


New G-Toy

July 28th, 2007 Comments off

i did a little naughty shopping the other day and bought a replacement for my original “g-spot” toy. it was the first toy i ever owned and one of my all-time favorites! my g-spot orgasms are very intense and this little device gets me off really fast. my pussy squeezed it tight and i had a hard time pulling it out.

i got a double treat tonight, dave fucked me and gave me my second orgasm and then he shot a huge load down my throat. this was a great start to my weekend!


Sporty Spice

June 29th, 2007 Comments off

we were on our way to work out when dave decided he needed some “special exercise”! you know the kind…

we wanted to prove or disprove the myth that having an orgasm takes away your strength.

he strapped my favorite vibrator which i call “the hammer” to my thigh while i sucked his rock hard cock! talk about intense orgasms!!!

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Mouth Pump

April 19th, 2007 Comments off

i love controlling a guys orgasm but sometimes i like to feel out of control. today was one of those days and i was totally in the mood to get my mouth pumped! it turns me on not knowing when a cock is about to explode on my tongue. all i can do is wait for my treat.

after he shot all that yummy cum in my mouth, i used it to grease up my new g-spot toy! it was the perfect hump toy and you know how much i like to hump!

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Wifey AZ Facial

April 9th, 2007 Comments off

wifey and hubby came to visit sunny arizona for a little fun in the sun! after having a very intense orgasm with her new toy, wifey took a massive cum load all over her face! i’m so envious!

good shoot’n there hubby!


“G” Marks The Spot

March 2nd, 2007 Comments off

in this episode, i get to try out my new g-spot toy to give me an incredible, leg quivering, toe curling cum-a-ton! this kind of orgasm makes me cum so hard that my pussy gets really swollen and creamy…. after watching that, dave couldn’t wait to force feed me his humungous cock! i was on my second “clit” orgasm when he shot a tasty load all over my gaping mouth! i love to be force fed cum!