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Silver Surfer

September 18th, 2008 Comments off

obviously i’m not the “silver surfer” but i was surfing while wearing my silver bikini so i guess that makes me a “silver surfer”…lol

this is one of my favorites and i wish they made it in a thong! oh well, most of the bottoms end up in my ass when i move around so i guess it doesn’t really matter.

i took my time working the vibrator in, out and around my pussy until i had my 3rd orgasm of the day!


Tiger Bikini

August 14th, 2008 Comments off

this “tiger” bikini is one of three that i just received from my swedish sugar daddy “kenneth” (aka “kebe”). i call him my sugar daddy as an ongoing joke dispite the fact that we never actually got a change to meet yet…lol

i wore my favorite one for friday’s update so get your cocks ready!

in this camclip i use one of my new vibrators to get in my pussy nice-n-deep before putting it on my clit for a toe curling orgasm!


Go-Go Gonzo

July 23rd, 2008 Comments off

i regret to inform you that my favorite toy “gonzo” died last night. that’s ok, i just plugged it in a kept on going…or cumming in this case!

at least it didn’t quit on me right in the middle of my orgasm. that’s happened to me before and it wasn’t pretty…lol

good old gonzo got the job done and my pussy was tingling all night long!

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Cowgirl Cum

July 18th, 2008 Comments off

the question i get asked most often is “what’s your favorite position?”. i always say “on top” but the proper term is “cowgirl”. i love this position because i get great clit stimulation and i can get the cock right on my g-spot for the ultimate orgasm!

in part 1, i suck dave off to get him nice and hard. once he’s ready, i ride him cowgirl and then “reverse” cowgirl until i cum hard all over his cock and balls!

in part 2, i hand-pump his thick cock until he squirts his load all over himself. i love watching the head while i’m patiently waiting for his cock to erupt!


Pool Toy

July 11th, 2008 Comments off

can you time your orgasm with mine? i bet most of you are really good at this. to help you out in this update, i let you know when i’m about to cum while using my vibrating “pool toy”. it turns me on knowing that we’re all cumming at the same time. mmmm, all those wonderful cocks and pussies having one big orgasm!

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Cum on Me

June 6th, 2008 Comments off

as much as i love having a nice big cock or toy in my pussy, nothing quite compares to the feeling of my own fingers inside me. my pussy is very tight and as i’m cumming it milks anything that’s inside it. those muscle contractions drive me crazy.

after my first “warm-up” orgasm, i rode dave’s cock reverse cowgirl and had my second orgasm! the best is yet to cum.

finally, i sucked him off until he shot a thick load on my face…this one was huge!


Sweet Dreams

May 30th, 2008 Comments off

i hope you have sweet dreams after you watch this update! after doing a little dance for you, i gave myself a toe curling orgasm using a few of my favorite toys!

my camera man got so turned on by it that he had a boner the entire time he was filming me. i’m always willing to lend a helping hand, and mouth in this case. i kept my lips sealed tightly around the head of his cock while he filled my mouth with hot cum…not a drop was wasted! i even managed to squeeze a few drops out at the very end.



May 12th, 2008 Comments off

my friend “alison” loves glass toys as much as i do and in this video she says her glass dildo gave her one of the best orgasms ever. i love watching girls get off hard like this.

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